Keep in touch with friends. Smash your goals.

With Accounta-Billie on your side, you can do it all.

Accounta-Billie isn't ready for public use just yet, but the private beta begins Friday, 10/23/2020! Drop your email below to get an invite to the beta!

Beast Mode with Accounta-Billie

The feeling when you reach a goal is amazing! But the process to get there can feel like a slog. We wanted to take that process and make it fun, and so we built Accounta-Billie.

Accounta-Billie is a different kind of accountability app. Far too often we make goals and don't reach them and then we end up feeling bad about it. Accounta-Billie brings your friends in, and together you work toward your goals and cheer each other on!

Take squad goals to a new level

Track goals
Share them with friends
Cheer each other on
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Hit your goals together
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